drinktec 2013

We would like to thank all our visitors on our stand for their interest and the numerous interesting meetings and discussions.  
We were exhibiting a CIP control and dosing module for a product tank depot in Germany and an inline carbonator CAVSYS® Cavitator C-50-10 for the manufacture of soft drinks, sparkling wine and alcopops for a Japanese customer. One of the key features this advanced technology offers is the compact system content. In addition, the equipment is ideal not only for continuous production but also for frequently changing products.  
Beverage Manager, September 2013
What do we expect from the Drinktec 2013?

Cost saving potentials in manufacture of beverages using innovative technology, that's what we want to talk about.
A young international active company like the CavitatoSystems connects of course a particularly positive expectation with drinktec. The size of this exhibition platform offers us the opportunity, to inform in short time a lot of experts about the special Cavitator mixing technology, carbonator and mixer, and complex process-technical solutions, also in aseptic design.
Volker Gehle, General Manager