SPA Monopole
Spa, Belgium

CAVSYS® Cavitator DC-65-15 with flash pasteurizer

Customer was able to produce beverages without preservatives, products more finely effervescent, CO2 consumption is reduced and repetition of
carbonation with an accuracy of +/- 0.08 g/litre.  
Eau Minérale Naturelle de Plancoet - Groupe Nestlé
Plancoet, France 
CAVSYS®Cavitator C-50-12 with CIP
for production of mineral water

Customer was able to place sucessfully the new mineral water label "fines bulles" (small bubbles) on the french market.

The CO2 gas is dissolved excellent, finely beaded product.

Space-saving integrated solution with a single-tank-CIP on a base frame.

On customer's request: Blocking of the plant till chemical free condition of all parts of the plant confirmed by the quality control.  

Erzeugergemeinschaft Winzersekt GmbH
Sprendlingen, Germany 
CAVSYS®Cavitator C-25-3
for production of brisk- and sparkling wine

Version CAVSYS®Cavitator C-Secco

Precise dosage of the required CO2-content, independent of product temperature, starting from the first fill

applicable also for small batches, excellent solution of the dosed CO2


Bad Vilbel  
CAVSYS®Cavitator AF-80-27
CAVSYS®Cavitator AF-100-34

Supply of 7 plants for 5 factories.
Two targets fulfilled:
1. Replacement of a cooling unit
2. Higher perfomance at the filler

Kellerei Dr. Demuth Gmbh & Co. KG
Katlenburg, Germany  
CAVSYS®Cavitator C-2x50-12

Construction of flash pateurisation and carbonisation unit with CO2-measurement accounting the fermentation CO2.

Engineering and realisation of the entire pipeline works
Modification of existing product tanks

Gasteiner Mineralwasser G.m.b.H.
Bad Gastein, Austria  
CAVSYS®Cavitator C-2x50-20

Replacement of product cooling unit.
Increasement of filler capacity by 28%