Cavitation is a physical phenomenon, that can be applied for interblending fluids or fluids with gases to intensify and amiliorate the results. Cavitation can be defined as the formation of cavities in liquid media which are caused by a localized under-pressure below the gas pressure of the respective fluid. After a short time these bubbles implode transfering energetic shock impulses to the liquid.

Cavitation bubbles in the CavSys®Cavitator


The patented system generates through shear forces and energy input into the product flow manyfold cavitation bubbles. Their implosion leads to a highly energetic and therefore highly effective blending and homogenisation of mixtures of gas with liquid or liquid interblendings .

By the collapse of the bubbles the shock impulses disintegrate larger product components (e.g. gas bubbles), such completely assimilating the particles in the product. Therefore the CAVSYS®Cavitator prodvides a particulary homogeneous mixture.

Research and Development

Blends of different compounds like

- fruit juice
- mixtures of water with CO2 or O2
- mixtures of water and oil (diesel, machine oil, nutritional oil, raw oil)
- paints and pastes

were effectively blended and had a stabilty and durability considerably higher than any other known products.

Currently we research the influence of the cavitation on homogenization of milk and fruit juices at the university of applied sciences Weihenstephan.


CAVSYS® Cavitators are effectively and successfully implemented in numerous plants of highly satisfied customers as targeted results have been achieved or exceeded in all cases.

Specifically in the beverage industry foam sensible products we could reduce or even suppress the foaming at the filler such resulting in a higher filling capacity up to 40%.