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CAVSYS® Cavitator AF

CAVSYS® Cavitator AF stabilises beverages that tend to foam with patented cavitator technology.

Advantages of CAVSYS® Cavitator AF

The CAVSYS® Cavitator is a modern, patented system which, with beverages that tend to foam, stabilises the product and therefore increases the efficiency of the whole bottling line. The system is based on cavitation technology. When the media pass through the cavitator, cavitation bubbles are produced, which on breaking down transfer energy to the media, thereby intensively mixing all components.

Through the use of CAVSYS® Cavitators the bottling capacity can be increased and/or the product cooling reduced or it may be dispensed with completely.
The product can be filled at a high temperature and the energy costs can be radically reduced. Sweating bottles, which cause problems during labelling and in packaging, are now relics of the past.

The return on investment is normally attained after a few months. 


- CO2 bubble size is reduced
- Retarded and finely beaded CO2 release in the finished beverage
- The medium is stable with a surface which is largely free of foam
- Increase in the filling capacity of products which tend to foam
- Solids are intensively bound, producing hardly any deposits
- Formation of "oil rings" is substantially reduced or even eliminated
- Reduced labelling problems
- Improved microbiology at the cap
- Performance range: 2 - 60 m³/h
- Stainless steel AISI 304 or higher quality
- CIP-compatible, microbiologically flawless

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