CAVSYS® Cavitator Mixer DBC

Still and carbonated beverages produced from two or more components using the latest cavitator technology

Advantages of CAVSYS® Cavitator Mixer DBC

With the CAVSYS® Cavitator DBC Mixer still and carbonated beverages of the highest quality are produced from two or more components using the latest cavitator technology.

Due to the "in-line" application without any product tank the system content is reduced to the very low level in the pipework.

In a compact construction on a frame or modular with several elements, the mixer itself can be adapted to difficult spatial conditions or expanded.

The mixer fulfils all the requirements of advanced beverage production.
The measurement and control technology used provides exact dosing and the patented cavitator ensures intensive mixing.

Fitted with an electronic controller with a recipe memory and a large touch-screen, the mixer is easy to operate and all the important data are continuously displayed.


- Effective water degassing
- Precise dosage using the latest measurement and control technology
- Cavitator for intensive mixing
- Manufacture of carbonised beverages with up to 25°C product temperature
- n-line beverage manufacture
- Low system content leads to quicker product changes and lowest losses
(up to 4 m³/h; beverage/h approx. 3 l; up to 10 m³/h approx. 8 l)
- Easy operation via touchscreen
- Components available on the market
- Capacity range: 4 - 60 m³/h
- Stainless steel AISI 304 or higher quality
- CIP-compatible, microbiologically flawless

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