CAVSYS® Cavitator Universal


Mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying and dispersing with state-of-the-art Cavitator-Technology.

CAVSYS® Cavitator Universal 

The cavitator technology can be used for the mixing of fluids among themselves and with gases. The cavitator plant will be adapted and designed for the individual use case.

The energy resulting of the decay of the cavitation bubbles can also be used for the homogenizing, emulsifying and dispersing of miscellaneous substances.  

Exemplary Targets of Application  
- Food Industry
- Homogenisation of milk and milk products
- Mixing and stailising of sauces, mustards and concentrates without additives

Environmental Technology
Reduction of germs in treated effluents of sewage plants
Treatment of substrate in production of biogas

Mixing of salves and cremes


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